Foto: Julia Rodrigues

Foto: Julia Rodrigues

Bruno de Almeida, 1987, Salvador, Brazil.

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Oporto, Portugal (2009), and a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Accademia di Architettura, Mendrisio, Switzerland (2013). Worked as an architect in London, UK (2010-2011), and as a curatorial assistant at the Fondazione Archivio del Moderno, Mendrisio, Switzerland (2012).

Founder and curator of SITU (2015 – on going), a platform for artistic production and research that investigates the dialogue between art, architecture and the city as a tool to problematize socio-spatial aspects of contemporary urbanity. The project commissions site-specific works for the external spaces of Galeria Leme (São Paulo, Brazil) that relate to the adjacent public space and to the building designed by the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha with the office Metro Architects.

Bruno de Almeida has recently developed projects with institutions such as: Kunsthalle São Paulo, Brazil; Pivô Art and Research, São Paulo, Brazil; Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA, among others. His research and projects have been published in: ARTFORUM International Magazine, USA; ATLÁNTICA Journal of Art and Thought, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Spain; TELLING #2, T+U Architectural Publications, Portugal; Revista aU – Architecture & Urbanism, São Paulo, Brazil; Bamboo, São Paulo, Brazil, among others.



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