Letters to the Mayor: São Paulo

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Letters to the Mayor: São Paulo

2 – 27 August, 2016

Storefront for Art and Architecture invites Bruno de Almeida to curate the exhibition Letters to The Mayor in São Paulo, Brazil. The show is part of a worldwide project that already took place in cities such as New York, Athens, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, among others. In each of these cities the exhibition featured a set of letters written by architects to their Mayor, expressing their ideas, opinions and desires for the city. São Paulo’s edition is co-curated by Brazilian architect Fernando Falcon and held in collaboration with Pivô Art and Research, a non-profit cultural association located in the iconic Copan building at the heart of São Paulo.

The group of more than 50 invited architects and institutions offers a varied outline of the nuances that the architectural discipline can contain, including both consecrated and emerging names from fields such as the projectual, academic, theoretical, critical, artistic and curatorial. Their letters are strategically exhibited during the electoral campaigns for the Municipality of São Paulo and are accompanied by an intense and gratuitous program of round-tables and lectures. After the exhibition closes all the letters are sent to the Mayor’s office.

By bringing a set of relevant voices to the public awareness and to the agendas and desks of the potential mayors, the exhibition intends to intensify the discussion about the city at a crucial time for its future and for its citizens, amidst a complex social, political and economic moment in Brazil.



Photos Everton Ballardin



Photos: Felipe Castellari





click here to visit the project’s official website


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