Passivity Line

Passivity line

Kunsthalle São Paulo, SP, Brazil

03.07.2015 – 01.08.2015

Curated by: Marina Coelho

Kunsthalle São Paulo invites Bruno de Almeida to conceive a site-specific work for the Vitrine project. The installation ‘Passivity Line’ results from a study of the repetitive structures that are imposed on us by society and of the architectural devices that are specifically designed to induce certain behaviors. Both types of mechanisms have a physical and cognitive impact on the subject in order to make him predictable and compliant.

A television monitor placed in the center of the main window, shows, on each day, a new video generated by a security camera in Bruno de Almeida’s workplace, displaying his work routine throughout the entire exhibition period. The images have the same static framing, which causes a false sense of repetition day after day. The discovery of the subtle differences between the videos is only possible for those who regularly pass through this location. The repetitiveness of the passerby’s daily route is emphasized by the recording of their movements, which are then played with a slight delay on a second monitor placed on the other end of the façade, allowing the person to see himself/herself in an earlier instant.

What unites the two windows is a painted black strip on the facade, which refers to the architectural element created in Britain, customarily used in interrogation rooms. In these rooms, a line named ‘passivity line’ divides the walls in two colors, with the darker tone in the lower part, which subliminally induces the interrogated individuals to remain below it, keeping them passive and seated.


Photos: Vitor Coelho Nisida

Technical assistance: Luciana e Sérgio Bonilha 


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