Lisbon & the Tagus

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Santos Re-Vision

AAM- Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Mendrisio, Switzerland

Master 2 | 2nd Semester

Prof. Arch. Jonathan Sergison (Sergison Bates Architects)

Assistent: Georg Nickisch

Diploma Project:

The studio considered how the city of Lisbon can grow and expand by focusing on the area to the south of the Chiado, west of the Baixa and north of the ferry terminal, where the ambivalence between the pragmatic, industrial urban tissue and the water’s edge is clearly expressed.

Historically, Lisbon has witnessed remarkable urban renewal following the destruction wreaked by the natural and man-made disasters. The Baixa district was rebuilt following the catastrophic earthquake of 1755 on the basis of the equalizing logic of a rectangular block grid stitched into the surviving urban fabric. This provided a dense, post-enlightenment urbanism that is tolerant and egalitarian.

In 1988, following the fire that destroyed a large part of the city centre, Álvaro Siza was invited to organize the reconstruction works. He took a radical approach: together with a subtle, at times invisible rebuilding of the urban fabric, he introduced a significant area of retail space and new transport infrastructure.

The studio prioritized the normative (housing and work facilities) for its programmatic investigation, encouraging students to be ambitious, critical and inventive.

Diploma Panel:

Gonçalo Byrne

Honorary President
Aurelio Galfetti

Francisco Aires Mateus
Manuel Aires Mateus

Professor in Charge
Jonathan Sergison

Members | Panel of Judges
Nicola Baserga, João Luis Carrilho da Graça, Roberto Favaro, Christoph Frank, Franz Graf, Sonja Hildebrand, Fulvio Irace, Jachen Könz, Mario Monotti, João Nunes, Manuel Salgado, Eloisa Vacchini, Martina Voser

Site: Santos, Lisbon, Portugal

General Masterplan Model



Model of the developed buildings


Approaching the building

Ground Floor View


Cross Section:corte tranversal 1024Typical Apartments’ Floor Plan:Módulo-15m-1024pxMódulo-19m-1024px

General Plans:

Ground Floor

1st Floor

1º Piso | 1st Floor2nd Floor

2º Piso | 2nd Floor6th Floor


Thank you:

Filipa Saraiva

Matthew Bailey


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