Architecture as Background

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Rainham’s Masterplan

AAM – Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Mendrisio, Switzerland 

Master 1 | 2nd Semester

Prof. Arch. Julian Lewis (East Architects, London, UK)

Assistants: Stefano Larotonda & Guido de Sigis

In-Between Rainham. Architecture as Background

(in collaboration with Antonio Ippolito)

Rainham, London, UK

Our masterplan for Rainham emphasizes the importance of the sense of neighborhood. The goal is to stimulate communal life without jeopardizing the private space of each citizen.
We believe that the boundary between public and private has a greater potential than a wall or a railing. This boundary can work not only as a filter of privacy, but also as a meeting space of the city. We wanted to explore other ways of guaranteeing the privacy of each house, but also its relation to the (semi) public realm.

The overall strategy consists on the creation of several “islands” that extend from the historical part of Rainham until Tesco, relocated next to Rainham Steel. The transition between the two different scales is achieved by the shifting of the dwellings’ typologies. And the common denominator is the way the semi public space is treated in relation to the public realm and to the houses.

Our main tool to make the transition between public and private was the play between heights. This allows a fluid connection between both, still signing that one is entering the space of another. While creating a new topography inside the city and stimulating new ways of going through it.
The main goal behind this idea is to offer public and private spaces that emphasize the idea of City as a common, sharing place.

Site: Rainham, London, UK

Urban and Typological Analysis



1:500 General Model






Visualization of the different neighborhoods



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