Public Library

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Insertion in a Developing Context

FAUP – Faculty of Architecture of Oporto, Oporto, Portugal

4th Year Bachelor

Prof. Arch. Nuno Brandão Costa 

Site: Gaia, Portugal

Models of the Building




Views: Approaching the Building

PERSPECTIVE 1 (4ºano) 1024px


PERSPECTIVE 2 (4ºano) 1024px

Internal View: Entrance Foyer


Entrance Floor

1st Floor


1- Entrance Foyer 2- Conference Room 3- Children’s Reading Room 4- Courtyard 5- Archives 6- Technical Area 7- Book Store 8- Courtyard 9- Computer Room 10- Magazines & Newspaper 11- Cafeteria 12- Main Reading Room 13- Cafeteria’s Preparation Area and Staff’s Changing Rooms 14- Offices 15- Technical Areas 16- Private Garden








Facade’s construction detail


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